News - 2021

February 2021
Who’s Been Here? Test Your Tracking Skills With The Bailies
The recent snowy weather has given an opportunity to see tracks made by wildlife; but can you tell if a fox or a badger has been by? Test out your skills online in a quiz produced by the Bailies of Bennachie. There are pictures of tracks and multiple choice answers and explanations put together by the Bailies’s mammal expert Lizzie Bacon.
February 2021
Bailies of Bennachie Awarded 'Better Places' Grant
The Bailies of Bennachie are delighted to have been awarded a Better Places Grant from NatureScot. The grant will fund the first stage of examining the pressure of visitors on the hill so that recreation at Bennachie can be managed more sustainably. The Bailies will look at how visitors currently use the hill and work with users and landowners to find the better ways for this to be managed in the future.
Lightfood Flying Kit.jpg
February 2021
Bailies Remember Anniversary of Fatal Crash of Gloster Meteor on Bennachie
February 12th marks the anniversary of the second of two aircraft crashes on the slopes of Bennachie. On February 12th 1952 a Gloster Meteor single-seat turbo-jet fighter crashed west of Oxen Craig. The pilot and sole occupant of the aircraft, 22 year old Pilot Officer John Brian was killed instantly. On the anniversary the Bailies have been remembering his life.
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January 2021
Wildlife Group Look for Ideas for “Super Nature” on Bennachie
The Bailies of Bennachie wildlife group is looking for ideas on how to make 2021 a ‘super year for nature’. The group which has wildlife trail cameras on the hillside and undertakes several projects monitoring animal, bird and plant life throughout the year would like to have a new scheme for the new year.
January 2021
Bailies of Bennachie Awarded Grant for “Jock” Stories
The Bailies of Bennachie are delighted to have been awarded a grant for online storytelling as part of ‘Jock O Bennachie’ fun and learning resources. The Doric Board gave the grant to the project for its ability to inspire the next generation of Doric speakers.

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