There are several ways that you can get involved if you interested in helping us.

Bailies of Bennachie Work Party

Work Parties

Every month the Bailies run voluntary work parties on the hill. Join Us! Find Out More About Working Parties

Archaeological Research and Digs

Archaeology Research and Excavations

Archaeology can help build a rich and detailed picture of life in the past on Bennachie. Find Out More

Wildlife Recording

Bennachie Wildlife Group

We want to encourage you to submit records of your wildlife encounters on Bennachie. Find Out More

Bailies of Bennachie Trustees

Become a Bailies of Bennachie Trustee

The Bailies of Bennachie is run by a board of Trustees who meet every 6 weeks. Find Out More

Hill Wardens

Hill Wardens

The Hill Wardens are the collective eyes and ears of the Bailies on the hillside. Hill Wardens

Other Volunteering

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Do you want to help with recording wildlife, putting our archive on-line or photography? Please Get In Touch!

Volunteer Joining Form

Volunteer Joining Form

Love Bennachie? Enjoy going out on the hill? Then perhaps volunteering with the Bailies of Bennachie is for you! Volunteer Joining Form

Alternatively, you can make a Donation, Join Us or Contact Us for more details or if you have any questions.