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January 2021
Wildlife Group Look for Ideas for “Super Nature” on Bennachie
The Bailies of Bennachie wildlife group is looking for ideas on how to make 2021 a ‘super year for nature’. The group which has wildlife trail cameras on the hillside and undertakes several projects monitoring animal, bird and plant life throughout the year would like to have a new scheme for the new year.
January 2021
Bailies of Bennachie Awarded Grant for “Jock” Stories
The Bailies of Bennachie are delighted to have been awarded a grant for online storytelling as part of ‘Jock O Bennachie’ fun and learning resources. The Doric Board gave the grant to the project for its ability to inspire the next generation of Doric speakers.
December 2020
Stay Safe on Bennachie in Winter
With wintery weather forecast over the New Year period the Bailies of Bennachie are promoting advice for walkers to stay safe on the Bennachie hill range. The iconic Aberdeenshire hill isn’t the highest but is a very popular day out for people of all ages and can present hazards during winter. Mario Di Maio of the Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team has written the advice which can be found on the winter section of the Bailies fun and learning website:
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December 2020
Join Jock for Winter
Looking for inspiration to take the children outside during the short days of the Christmas holidays? Or fun activities to do on rainy days? Look no further than Jock O Bennachie’s winter online resources which have just been launched on The latest online resources from conservation charity the Bailies of Bennachie are packed full of ideas and information about what happens to the natural world during winter. Pulling together original work and the best material available on the web it is a one stop shop for hours of fun and learning.
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December 2020
Christmas Quiz Challenges Trustees
What is the connection between Bennachie and the Dalai Lama? Who sang the song ‘The Back O Bennachie’? Which animals brought Jock O Bennachie the buttons for his winter coat and what were they? What was the name of Patrice’s hairdressing salon at Bennachie? These were just some of the questions that had the trustees of the conservation charity scratching their heads during their festive quiz on zoom on Monday 14th December.
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December 2020
Wildlife Group - Swans and Geese
The bird section of the wildlife group is continuing its theme of winter visitors, with a guide to some of our common wildfowl visitors, the large ones - swans and geese. The wildlife group even had a goose watch lined up for this month at Loch of Skene, but sadly it was not to be this year. The guide is packed with information about the swans and geese who visit this area at this time of year.

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