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September 2020
What happened to the Bennachie Colonists?
About a hundred and forty people made up the Bennachie Colony in the 19th Century. They built their crofts on the lower slopes of the hill range and carved out a life for themselves. This final presentation examines why the Colony came to an end and what happened to the people who left.
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September 2020
Births, Marriages and Deaths: The Family History of the Bennachie Colonists
The remains of crofts on Bennachie were the first clues of the story of the Bennachie Colonists – but census details, parish records and old photographs paint a picture of the individuals who carved a life for themselves on the hill.
September 2020
Find Out How Excavations Revealed Secrets On The Hillside
How archaeologists unearthed the story of the Bennachie Colonists is the subject of this week’s presentation from the Bailies of Bennachie. The conservation charity is detailing the discovery of the history of the Colonists for Scottish Archaeology Month this September
Allan Will
September 2020
"Aargh! ... Aeology ?” A First Time Volunteer On A Dig
Ever wondered what it would be like to find hidden treasures and evidence of past lives buried in the earth around us. Allan Will did and for Scottish Archeology Month he shares his experiences of a first time trying his hand at archeology.
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August 2020
Story of the Bennachie Colonists Told for Scottish Archaeology Month
For Scottish Archaeology Month this September the Bailies of Bennachie are showcasing how the story of the Bennachie Colonists was unearthed through excavations, family research and living history.
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August 2020
Bailies Trustee Lays Crosses for Air Crash Victims
Ahead of the anniversary of the1939 fatal air crash on Bennachie a Bailies trustee has visited the graves of the two airmen who died when the plane hit the hill in poor weather.

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