Wildlife Group Look for Ideas for “Super Nature” on Bennachie

January 2021

The Bailies of Bennachie wildlife group is looking for ideas on how to make 2021 a ‘super year for nature’. The group which has wildlife trail cameras on the hillside and undertakes several projects monitoring animal, bird and plant life throughout the year would like to have a new scheme for the new year.

The group co-ordinator, Jill Matthews explained:

“Internationally, 2021 is set to be a super year for nature, with the delayed conference on climate change being held in Glasgow in November, with hopes for an agreement on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The UN Convention on Biodiversity has also been postponed until this year. The take-away message is that in the next decade we must do far more for nature and take much better care of our planet. “

“As the saying goes ‘think global, act local‘. The wildlife group aims to understand and try to protect our local birds, animals and plants. We are involved with a survey of pine martens which have returned to this part of Scotland, and monitor the Whooper swans who visit in winter among other projects. It would be nice to embark on something to mark this year.“

“One idea is to start working on an online wildlife atlas for Bennachie. This could be done by gathering information from a variety of survey methods– trail cameras and tracks for mammels sight and sound monitoring of birds plus vegetation, invertebrates etc. Other ideas are welcome and we could look for funding to make these ideas a reality.“

Anyone with an idea can contact Jill on

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