News - 2019

Dec Wp 2019 Photo 7
December 2019
Bailies December Work Party Update
On Saturday 7th December 2019 the Bailies Work Party volunteers were replacing a broken fence at the entrance to the Back o Bennachie car park.
Whooper Swan M17 73 216_v
December 2019
Bailies Wildlife Group Asks for Sightings of Wooper Swans
The wildlife group is asking for information about Wooper swans that have arrived in the Don Valley for the winter having left their breeding grounds in Iceland
Book Launch Nov19
November 2019
Successful Event Launches New Book on Bennachie
The latest volume by the Bennachie Landscapes Group, a joint venture between the Bailies of Bennachie and the University of Aberdeen, has been published.
November 2019
Afternoon Tea Voucher Presented to Lucky New Bailie
John McNally from Inverurie was presented with a voucher for Afternoon Tea after his name was pulled out of a draw of new members.
Kailyard Summer 19
October 2019
Autumn Fruits in the Kailyard
Now in its second year the kitchen garden beside the excavated colony house, Shepherd's Lodge is producing autumn raspberries.
Oct Wp 2019 Photo 1
October 2019
Bailies October Work Party Update
On Saturday 5 October 2019 the Bailies Work Party volunteers were clearing self sown spruce, Lodgepole pine and larch from the Oxen Craig area.
Ythan Estuary
October 2019
Wildlife Group Visit
On saturday 5th October the Wildlife Group visited the Ythan Estuary with John Wills
Poster Crop
October 2019
Membership Drive October 2019
The Bailies are having a promotion in October highlighting why people chose to be members.
20190907 Repairing Water Bar Crop
September 2019
Bailies September Work Party Update
On Saturday 7th September the Bailies Work Party Volunteers were working on the Gordon Way from Heather Brig to Oxen Craig.
Crosses On Cairn Crop
September 2019
A Memorial Walk and Service Marks 80th Anniversary of Fatal Air Crash on Bennachie
A moving and atmospheric service took place on Sunday 1st September 2019 at the memorial cairn near the peak of Oxen Craig on Bennachie.
Druminnor Well Crop
September 2019
Well Discovered at Druminnor Castle
The excavations by the Bennachie Landscapes Fieldwork group at the historic Druminnor Castle has unearthed a well which was abandoned and in-filled c.1800.
Dig Photo V2
August 2019
Archaeological Dig Unearths Complicated Landscape
A two month archaeological dig on the lower slopes of Bennachie comes to a close this week having proved that the area was lived in for hundreds of years. The Bennachie Landscapes Group, a joint project between the Bailies of Bennachie and the University of Aberdeen, has been excavating the area throughout July and August 2019.
Colin Shepherd
August 2019
Open Day at Dig on Monday 19 August 2019
There will an open day at the Bede House 2 dig on Monday 19th August. Colin Shepherd of the... read more.
Bennachie harvest
August 2019
Silent Auction
The Bailies are holding a silent auction for a painting of Bennachie, kindly donated by the family of the late David Wright.
Memorial Cairn S
August 2019
Air Crew Memorial Cairn Walk
On Sunday 1st September 2019, a walk to the Air Crew Memorial Cairn will take place leaving at 1 pm from the Bennachie Visitors Centre . This walk is to remember the two RAF airmen who were the first allied casualties of World War 11 .
Repaired Section S
August 2019
Bailies August Work Party Update
On Saturday 3rd August the Bailies Work Party Volunteers were repairing an eroded section of the Gordon Way path at Heather Brig.
Bailes of Bennachie Calendar 2020
July 2019
Bailies Calendar 2020 Now Available
The Bailies of Bennachie 2020 Calendar has just been delivered and is now on sale and a big thank you to all photographers for the use of their photos. We hope you like it.
Volunteer Andrew Wainwright digging in one of the trenches
July 2019
Progress Being Made on Dig
The first few weeks of the dig off the turnpike track on Bennachie have shown promising finds. Walls of buildings have been uncovered and shards of pottery and glassware have been found. The dig is taking place throughout July and August, for more information...
The group viewing soft granite at Lumphanan
July 2019
Geology Tour for Wildlife Group
On Saturday 22nd July members of Bailie's Wildlife Group went on a geology tour led by Peter Craig. They visited two quarries and found out more about the granite outcrops and the rocks that make up Bennachie.
Members of the Bailies handing over cheques to the three charities
July 2019
Bosie Cash Handed to Charities
Over £3800 was raised through entry fees and donations for the Bennachie Bosie on 23rd June when 400 people formed a ring around the peak to give the hill a hug. The money was divided between; Breast Cancer Care, The University of Aberdeen Development Trust and the Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team.
Kaleyard July19
July 2019
Bailies July Work Party Update
On Saturday 7th July the Bailies Work Party volunteers were tidying up in and around the various Colony buildings.
Bede House Deforestation3
July 2019
Trees Cut Round Bede House Site
The site of the Bede House which was discovered in summer 2018 now looks very different following tree felling in the area. The Bede house was commissioned by the owners of Pittodrie House and it is still on the estate now managed by MacDonald Pittodrie House Hotel.
Blackcurrants June 2019
July 2019
Fruit Ripening in the Kailyard
This summer fruit including gooseberries, currants and raspberries are growing in the Kailyard, the recreated kitchen garden next to the colony house, Shepherd's Lodge. The garden is being maintained by Bailies volunteers who are wondering how the colonists used their fruit and asking if they would have made cranachan?
Bede 1 S
July 2019
Bede House Dig 2019
New excavation explores mysteries of historical settlement
Bennachie Bosie 2019
June 2019
Bennachie Bosie Success
“Amazing experience”, “emotional”, “really special occasion” just some of the reactions from the 400 people who took part in the “give Bennachie a bosie” event organised by conservation charity the Bailies of Bennachie.
April 2019
Bennachie’s Biggest Bosie Announced
Be part of our charity Bennachie’s Biggest Bosie event on Sunday 23 June 2019 as we gather 400+ people together to form a complete human chain around the summit of Mither Tap and give Bennachie its biggest bosie ever!
Wildlife News
April 2019
Bailies Wildlife Group Update
Saturday 6 April 2019 saw the Bailies Wildlife Group meeting to catch up on the last year and plan this year’s events.
April 2019 Work Party
April 2019
Bailies Work Party Update
On Saturday 6th April the Bailies Work Party Volunteers cut back the overgrowth at the Bennachie Centre car park entrance.
April 2019
Bennachie Landscape Project Update
Geophysics at Druminor being carried out by Alpha Geosurvey with the aid of a generous grant from the Castle Studies Trust.
Bailies AGM March 2019
March 2019
Bailies AGM March 2019
Our AGM was well supported with approximately 45 people present.
March 2019
Grant Awarded to Bennachie Landscapes Project for Geophysical Survey at Druminnor Castle
A grant of £4020 has been awarded to Bennachie Landscapes Project to undertake a geophysical survey at Druminnor Castle.
Start of the job
March 2019
Bailies Volunteers Kept Busy Repairing Two Dry Stone Dykes
Saturday 9th March was the first Bailies work party of the year!
Work Party on 9th March 2019
March 2019
First Work Party of 2019!
Saturday 9th March was the first Bailies work party of the year!

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