Afternoon Tea Voucher Presented to Lucky New Bailie

November 2019

John McNally from Inveruie has been presented with a voucher for afternoon tea at Pittodrie House Hotel. He is the lucky winner of a prize draw of people who had joined the Bailies of Bennachie in October.

John said:

“I am delighted to have this voucher and become a Bailie. I often walk my dog on the hill and admire the work the Bailies do maintaining and protecting this special place.”

It was presented by the Bailies Outreach officer, Fiona Comack who said:

“There was a fantastic response to our call for new members to join the Bailies in October. Over 70 people have signed up to become a Bailie. I think this reflects the love people have for the Bennachie hill range and the amount of support there is for the conservation aims of the charity.”

“I would like to thank Pittodrie House Hotel for donating the voucher to help attract new members and raise awareness of the work of the Bailies of Bennachie. “

Although the October promotion is over new members are still welcome. It costs just ten pounds for life membership of the Bailies: details are on our web site and on our Facebook page. Joining shows support for the aims of the charity and will give new members the opportunity to find out more and become involved with some of the activities carried out by the Bailies.”

“We hope some of our new members will become involved in some of the activities carried out by the Bailies throughout the year.”

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