Autumn Fruits in the Kailyard

October 2019

Volunteers from the Bailies have been looking after the Kailyard, the attempt to re-create a 19th Century kitchen garden by one of the colony houses, throughout the autumn.

The stockade around the garden is lasting well but the gatepost was becoming loose and has been fixed. Volunteers have done the last grass cut of the season and a lot weeding. Now in its second year the Kailyard is a project aimed at finding out more about the lives of the colonists on Bennachie.

The fruit yields were not great but enough to make a few small pots of Blackcurrant and Gooseberry jam. The Raspberries are ripening in small batches and still producing and one gardener made a batch of cranachan.

We are still looking for local knowledge of 19th century uses for soft fruits.Can anyone remember great-grandma’s recipes? We would love to hear from you, e-mail:

The Kailyard can be visited by following the Colony Trail from the Bennachie Visitors Centre.

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Kailyard Summer 19