Archaeological Dig Unearths Complicated Landscape

August 2019

A two month archaeological dig on the lower slopes of Bennachie comes to a close this week having proved that the area was lived in for hundreds of years. The Bennachie Landscapes Group (BLG), a joint project between the Bailies of Bennachie and the University of Aberdeen, has been excavating the area throughout July and August.The area is off the side of the turnpike track that runs between the Bennachie Centre and the Rowantree car park and is part of the Pittodrie House Hotel estate.

Archaeologist Colin Shepherd, a member of the Bennachie Landscapes Group said:

“Volunteers have worked hard on this project clearing earth vegetation and stones from the site often in very warm conditions. Their efforts have led to some interesting discoveries.We have established that people used to live in this part of land and that the various bumps and mounds in the landscape are manmade structures. There is clear evidence of a substantial cottage or small farmstead and other building remains. An old trackway, clay or wattle walls and drystane and ‘feal’ dykes have all been found through this dig.”

“As often happens as soon as we have evidence to answer some questions new mysteries emerge. It seems this area has a very complicated history and it is worth further exploration.”

Over 20 people attended the open day on 19 August 2019 when Colin gave tours of the site. Many other people have made informal visits during the two month dig. The area is now being closed up but the Bennachie Landscape Group hope to return for further investigations next summer.

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Dig Photo V2