Shepherd’s Lodge Kailyard

Kailyard Reconstructed Colonist Garden

In 2017 the Bailies were awarded a grant from the HLF to help fund a community project to recreate part of a Kailyard at one of the old Colony sites known as Shepherds Lodge, once the home of the Littlejohn family. The aim of the project was to help discover what life might have been like for the Colonists. What were their methods of farming, were they influenced by the “improvements”, what did they grow, and what problems may they have encountered? Following research our cultivation methods are similar to those we believe would have been used by the Colonists and the chosen plants are mostly heritage fruit bushes from the 19th century.

Map Reference: NJ 690 218 Coordinates: (57.285762,-2.5158842)

Points of Interest

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Poi6 Shepherd's Lodge Kailyard