Send Off for Senior Bailie, Jackie After 12 Years at the Helm

March 2022

Members of the Bailies of Bennachie have paid tribute to Jackie Cumberbirch who is stepping down as chair, or senior Bailie, after being in post since 2009. In a gathering at Monymusk village hall on Saturday 19th March a slideshow of Jackie’s time at the Bailies was shown and she was presented with a gift from the grateful members.

Vice chair, Ann Bailie, said:

“Jackie has displayed an unselfish drive and sustained commitment to the environmental protection and longevity of Bennachie. Her work has enhanced the Bailies scope of work and reputation. Her drive and passion has made a difference to people’s enjoyment and appreciation of Bennachie’s history, culture and natural environment.”

“The Bennachie Bosie, where 400 people gave the hill a hug for charity; a carbon trail walk highlighting climate change, a film and play on Bennachie, archeological digs, and guidance on the Bailies work parties are just a few of her achievements during her time as chair.”

Jackie Cumberbirch said:

“Bennachie is a very special place and it has been an honour to work on and for the hill range. The Bailies do a great job of practical work and promoting the history, culture and diversity of the area and everything we have achieved has been done as part of a team.”

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Jackie Leaving R1