Jock o' Bennachie Lifts the Lid on the World of Minibeasts

August 2020

The fascination of the world of bugs, insects and spiders is the latest online adventure that Bennachie’s mythical giant, Jock o' Bennachie is showing North East children. It takes primary school children round local minibeasts from the famous Scots midge, to a honey bee and a tick and many more. Packed full of fun facts, indoor and outdoor activities and even jokes it is the third package in a free online summer programme from the conservation charity, the Bailies of Bennachie and is available now at

The resources aim to stimulate children’s imagination about the natural world around them. It asks questions such as the difference between a bee and wasp and a butterfly and moth. Families are encouraged to go on a bug hunt on Bennachie or their own gardens by lifting rocks, and searching after rainfall. And a small competition challenges children to use their imagination to design a midge.

Chair of the Bailies, Jackie Cumberbirch said:

"The first two packages of online resources led by Jock O Bennachie on birds and plants have had a great response from children and their families with feedback suggesting the mixture of fun and information is just what families are looking for in these times. All three sections are now available for families to access after school and at weekends on visits to Bennachie or closer to home."

“Minibeasts and pollinators is a huge topic which feeds children’s imagination and allows discussion about the future of bees and the impact on the environment of ants. It is also accessible by visits to countryside or a close look in the garden – or even inside the home."

"These ready to use packages of resources aim to provide north east children with exciting relevant materials with a local flavour to help them explore the environment on their doorstep."

For more information contact Fiona Cormack Outreach officer via e-mail or telephone 07923491116.

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