Jock 'o Bennachie Launches Autumn and Winter Resources!

November 2020

Following on from the success of the summer education programme from conservation charity, the Bailies of Bennachie new resources are being added for autumn and winter.

Jock is getting ready for the change of season with a new batch of learning resources. This follows the pattern of bringing together the best of information on the web with local story telling, fun activities and Jock’s jokes. The resources use Bennachie as an inspiration for families to go outdoors and explore the natural world.

Activities for the season include making an owl from acorns, crafts from conkers and doing a leaf hunt. The new programme follows the themes of birds, things that grow, and mini beasts and pollinators and looks at the response to these groups of the changing seasons. It answers questions such as what do honey bees do over winter? How does differ from bumble bees and wasps? Which birds fly south and which ones arrive here? It looks too at what happens to trees in autumn and asks why leaves fall.

The Bailies learning officer, Margaret Garden said,

"2020 has seen families using online resources more and also a new appreciation and interest in the outdoor world. We have had a great response to the fun summer programme and I am delighted that we are expanding it with new material for autumn and winter. Hopefully these resources will encourage families to wrap up warm and head outside to explore the wonderful natural world around us."

Head to to find the fun and information led by Bennachie’s own friendly giant Jock o' Bennachie. The resources are aimed at families of primary age children but can enjoyed by any age.

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