Hill Wardens

The Hill Wardens are the collective eyes and ears of the Bailies on the hillside. They undertake to walk a section of path every six weeks and send a report back on the condition of the paths, car parks and other issues affecting the hill.

This can range from issues such as water pooling on the path, the state of the sign posts, vegetation growing over the path to urgent issues such as a broken tree over the path. This information is then passed on to the work parties and Forestry Land Scotland and adjacent land owners. Wardens are also encouraged to undertake minor remedial works, such as drain clearance, where it is safe to do so. Many also pick up rubbish and notice signs of wildlife.

The Hill Warden scheme was revamped at the start of 2020 with 25 new hill wardens having training from Forestry and Land Scotland. Since then all the paths have been walked and reported on giving a clear baseline picture of the paths on the hill. There is a waiting list at the moment for new Hill Wardens but applications are still welcome.

It is hoped the collective knowledge of the Hill Wardens can be used for such activities such as supplementing the manpower of the monthly work parties and feedback on revised signage on the Waymarked trails.

The Hill Warden scheme is administered by Peter Stock and he can be contacted at

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