Bede House Excavations

Summer of 2018 saw the beginning of the ‘Bede House’ project. This sought to answer questions about the ‘Bede House’ on the Pittodrie Estate. Historical references do not appear to reflect the site as recorded on the Ordnance Survey map and the project is attempting to explain the discrepancies. However, rather than help to solve the riddle, initial background research actually served to provide yet more mysteries. No longer was the project dealing simply with the ‘Bede House’, but it had been joined by a search for a missing 17th-century ‘hospital’ on the estate. Furthermore, landscape study of the surroundings revealed a range of previously-unknown structural features. These may partly hold the answer to the discrepancies between the historical account and the built remains.

The results of last year’s work are presently being written up for publication in a new volume of the ‘Bennachie Landscapes Series’ that should be available later this year. It is hoped that further excavations will occur this summer. As last year, volunteers will be welcome to join the group. Macdonald Hotels own the ‘Bede House’ and surrounding woodlands and very kindly permitted the excavations to take place there.

Volunteers wishing to help with the excavations are welcome to find out more by contacting:

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Arch Bede House
Bede 1
Bede 2