Who’s Been Here? Test Your Tracking Skills With The Bailies

February 2021

The recent snowy weather has given an opportunity to see tracks made by wildlife; but can you tell if a fox or a badger has been by? Test out your skills online in a quiz produced by the Bailies of Bennachie. There are pictures of tracks and multiple choice answers and explanations put together by the Bailies’s mammal expert Lizzie Bacon. The quiz can be found at:

The Bailies learning officer, Margaret Garden explained:

“Many mammals are secretive and stay away from humans. They do live on Bennachie though and tracks are an excellent way of building up a picture of what the animal has been doing – sleeping, feeding, running or scent marking. The snow is an excellent chance to find out more about which animals have been where, though keen eyes can spot tracks in other conditions.”

“We hope people will do this quiz as a bit of fun and also as an inspiration to wrap up warm and check out the tracks in their own garden or park. The interactive questions are part of the ‘be a winter nature detective’ section of the Bailies fun and learning resources. With schools closed at the moment and cold weather blown in we hope families can use this information to go outdoors and do something together”

The nature detective pages contain loads of helpful tips to help identify tracks – and what to take out with you when looking for signs of the animals that have their homes on Bennachie. Head to to find the page and other information led by Bennachie’s own friendly giant Jock o' Bennachie. The resources are aimed at families of primary age children but can be enjoyed by any age.

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