Appeal for Volunteers to be Hill Wardens

January 2020

Do you walk regularly on Bennachie? Would you like to help play a part in ensuring the pathways and features on the hill are maintained?

The Bailies of Bennachie are looking for volunteers to become hill wardens. This will mean making a commitment to walk a section of the hillside once every six weeks and keeping an eye out for any damage or changes to the paths, dykes and other features. Full training will be given to the volunteer wardens and they will also work alongside Forestry and Land Scotland. When the wardens spot any changes to the path they simply photograph, record the location and note it and report it to the Bailies of Bennachie work parties.

The Outreach officer for the Bailies, Fiona Cormack explained:

"The Bailies of Bennachie work parties do a great job of maintaining and improving the trails and paths on Bennachie. However they don't always know where they are most needed. By establishing a network of wardens keeping an eye out over the hill range the work parties will have a much better picture of the state of the paths and will be more efficient at making repairs quickly. The wardens will keep an eye out for things such as erosion, blocked water bars and tree branches and vegetation etc overgrowing the paths. We would like to hear from volunteers who would be interested in taking on this role. It can be done as an individual or in pairs. The only requirement is that volunteers are members of the Bailies of Bennachie or are willing to join. It is only ten pounds for a lifetime membership of the Bailies.”

Anyone interested in finding out more please e-mail

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