Online AGM Shows Bailies in Good Shape

June 2020

The outreach officer for the Bailies, Fiona Cormack, commented:

“Like other organisations we have had to adjust our plans for 2020 and find new ways of doing things. Much of our activity in the last few months has moved online and we were pleased that this enabled the AGM to go ahead. It meant that Bailies who no longer live in the area could join the meeting so we had attendees from Yorkshire and Ayrshire.”

“The AGM shows that the Bailies are in good shape. 144 new members joined last year and we have welcomed new trustees for the coming year. The lockdown has highlighted the importance of nature and the outdoors for many people. This will help the Bailies in their efforts to protect and promote the iconic Aberdeenshire hill range of Bennachie.”

As well as the work parties and the hill wardens the Bailies have an active wildlife group, which studies and learns about the flora and fauna of the hill, and the Bennachie Landscapes Group which works on research into many areas of life on Bennachie.

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