About Us

We care about Bennachie, its natural environment, history and culture - protecting this unique landscape for future generations. Have a read of the Constitution of The Bailies of Bennachie SCIO SC047231

The Bailies of Bennachie were founded in 1973 by Dr Danny G Gordon (with help also from James R MacKay, Algy Watson, Dr James Gill, Helen Fraser, Rev James Wood and more) from a mere 40 enthusiasts initially, now over 5000 members. Membership is now for life - once a Bailie - always a Bailie.

In 1973 the main objectives were:

  • To preserve the amenity of the hill and fight litter and vandalism
  • To preserve footpaths and right of way
  • To study the geology and biology of the hill and preserve flora and fauna
  • To collect and preserve the bibliography of Bennachie

Today our objectives have grown to cover many aspects of the hill and surrounding area:-

  • To preserve the amenity of the hill commonly called "Bennachie" and its environs in Aberdeenshire
  • To help maintain and improve public footpaths and rights of way on Bennachie
  • To encourage the creation and preservation of features of natural, cultural or public interest
  • To study and record the natural and cultural history
  • To encourage and stimulate public interest in and care for Bennachie, its beauty, history, character and surroundings and to discourage litter and vandalism
  • To pursue these objectives by means of meetings and events, both indoors and out, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, publications and publicity and by promoting relevant schemes of a charitable nature, and by cooperating with others having similar aims
  • To facilitate and support the dissemination of information relating to Bennachie and its surroundings
  • Any other purposes and activities that further the aims of the organisation

The Bailies aim to work with landowners and stakeholders, in the area of Bennachie. This includes Forest Enterprise Scotland (from April 2019 - Forest and Land Scotland), Aberdeenshire Council and the Bennachie Centre Trust . The joint aim of all parties being to look after and maintain Bennachie for the enjoyment of future generations on the hill.

The Bailies of Bennachie is run by a board of Trustees who meet every 6 weeks (for more details see Trustees and Trustee Meeting Minutes information).

How to Get Involved with the Bailies of Bennachie

  • Work Parties: 1st Saturday of every month (except January and February) voluntary work on the hill includes from footpath work, tree planting, dyke repairs, etc.
  • Bennachie Archaeology Group – regularly undertake archaeological investigations either on Bennachie or in the environments.
  • Bennachie Wildlife Group - frequent meetings and record flora and fauna on the hill. 
  • Bennachie Landscapes Project – an open  group which meets to discuss historical, oral and archive research on the hill, and publishes recent research findings. Works with Aberdeen University. Group also aims to improve Bailies archive records.

Bennachie Talks

The Bailes of Bennachie can provide talks and slide shows to local groups about various aspects of Bennachie, such as its history, natural features and recent archaeological research. If your group would like us to come to a meeting or event please contact us via and we can discuss what would be appropriate.

For More Information

For more details on any of our activities please e-mail