A Breath O' Bennachie: Views On The Hill

May 2020

The latest video in the 'A Breath O' Bennnachie' series takes the viewer up onto the range of Bennachie. It features views over to the coast and to Lochnagar as well as familiar routes and byways. Several of the peaks are featured with the view of Oxen Craig from Craigshannoch and vice versa. The video also shows the hillside in all weathers from bright sunshine to fog and snow.

The outreach officer of the Bailies of Bennachie Fiona Cormack commented:

"This video shows many of the most loved scenes familiar to people who frequently spend time on the hill range. It superbly fulfils the idea of 'A Breath O' Bennachie' in bringing the hill into people's houses during the COVID-19 crisis. This video will bring make happy memories for many who are unable to access the hill at the moment for whatever reason."

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