A Breath 'O Bennachie: Archaeology

April 2020

The new video allows the viewer to take a tour through a thousand years of human life on Bennachie by seeing discoveries made through archaeology on the hill. The video looks at four archaeological digs: the Pictish Fort on Mither Tap from the first century AD, the Bede House from the 17th Century, the Pittodrie settlement which may have been occupied for centuries and the 18th and 19th Century colony houses near the Bennachie Visitor's Centre.

The Bailies Outreach Officer, Fiona Cormack commented:

"This short video shows how much work has been done in the last decade to further our understanding of the lives of people who have made their lives on Bennachie in the past. It asks what these stones would speak if they could and shows some of the answers archaeologists have found."

"A Breath 'O Bennachie' is bringing Bennachie to people's living rooms during the Covid-19 crisis when people are not able to visit this much loved landmark. We had a great response to the first video 'A Walk up Mither Tap' and hope this one will bring equal pleasure.' 

A Breath o' Bennachie  Archaeology

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