A Breath 'O Bennachie: Past Times

May 2020

The fascinating video takes photos from the Bailies archive to show memorable scenes of past times around and on the hill. There are photos of harvest scenes, climbers in long dress going up Mither Tap, one of George Esson, the last of the colonists, and Prince Charles opening the Bennachie Visitor’s Centre in 1995.

The Bailies were formed in 1973 and their achieve and library are held in the Garioch Heritage Centre in Inverurie. The Past Times video shows images from their history: picnics at the back of Bennachie, and the unveiling of the Mither Tap indicator and the memorial cairn to the air crashes on the hill.

The Outreach Officer of the Bailies of Bennachie, Fiona Cormack commented:

"The video series ‘A Breath ‘O Bennachie’ is designed to bring the hill range into people’s living rooms during the Covid-19 crisis when car parks are shut. This latest one will bring back memories for many people and will give others insight into events in this area over the last century.

The video is available on YouTube. The previous videos ‘A Walk up Mither Tap’, ‘Bennachie Views’ and ‘If Stones could speak: archeology on Bennachie’ are still available to view on You Tube. The plan is to produce videos during lockdown.

Other ideas are seasons, fun on Bennachie, and views on Bennachie. If anyone has high resolution photos that would fit these themes could you send them to"

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