Wildlife Group BioBlitz

June 2024

BioBlitz - Plant and bird survey on 25th May 2024.

The Wildlife Group outing on Saturday, 25th May, shows a group of us recording the range of plant species and their percentage cover in a 2x2 metre quadrat in a pinewood on Pittodrie Estate. The event was the first aimed at engaging the group in surveying plants to identify their botanical communities. We also used a standard bird recording system, where we noted down species and numbers of birds singing in the vicinity of each survey location. We will build on this exercise in future to do more surveys around Bennachie to gain a more detailed knowledge of its vegetation and bird communities and their distribution.
In the near future we shall be deploying 10 new trail cameras to record the distribution of mammals and estimate their population sizes around the hill. We hope members will volunteer to help us. The information gained will inform our negotiations with land managers to manage the hill to protect and enhance the hills current diversity and also to increase resilience to climate change.

2024 05 25_wildlife_group_bioblitz_img_141706929.jpeg

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2024 05 25_wildlife_group_bioblitz_img_141635735.jpeg