Colony Site Sees Visitors From Lund University, Sweden

May 2024

Last week Sara Williamsson and Greer Jarret from Lund University in Sweden visited the Bennachie Colony site as part of an Erasmus research training opportunity with the University of Aberdeen.
Sara’s research is focusing on the archaeology of crofting in Sweden so this visit was extremely informative.
The tour was led by Jeff Oliver and Jo Vergunst from the University.

Members of the Bailies of Bennachie were on hand to assist with further historical information.
They even managed to plant some Kale in the Kailyard!

2024 05 24_lund_uni_sweden_visit_image3

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2024 05 24_lund_uni_sweden_visit_image
2024 05 24_lund_uni_sweden_visit_image2_portrait