April 2024 Volunteer Work Party

20240406 Work Party Team

April 2024

The dedicated Volunteer team has been hard at work, ensuring the beautiful Bennachie landscape remains.

This summer will see work parties work on water management on our highest trails. The group of passionate volunteers were clearing water bars, ditches, and gulleys to prevent erosion and protect the local ecosystem on the Maidens Causeway. Work will continue in this area.

Armed with shovels and unwavering commitment, they repaired damaged water bars and realigned pathways, enhancing the natural drainage that keeps Bennachie’s trails accessible and safe. This hands-on conservation effort not only preserves the hill’s natural beauty but also fosters a sense of community and stewardship among those who cherish it.

Join us at the Bailies of Bennachie, be a voice for the hill and add to the efforts in safeguarding our shared natural heritage!

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2024 04 06_work_party_still_spade
2024 04 06_work_party_still_waterbar
20240406 Work Party Location
20240406 Work Party Team