A Breath 'O Bennachie

April 2020

The outreach officer, Fiona Cormack explained:

“During the current Covid-19 crisis the Bennachie car parks are closed and people are being told not to undertake unnecessary journeys. This means many people who love being up on the hill range are missing it. Others may not have been up Bennachie for years, but now they are self isolating, being able to look at Bennachie online could bring back happy memories and the sense of openness and freedom that the hill brings.”

The short shows will assembled and released over the next few weeks. They will be shown on the Bailies of Bennachie Facebook page. It is hoped to produce one a week on various themes such as “Seasons”, “Fun on Bennachie”, “Bennachie Views” and others.

If anyone has a photo or short video clip which would fit in one of these please e-mail it to saying which category it is for.

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