This Is What We Do - Summer Noticeboard

June 2020

The latest Bailies of Bennachie noticeboard display is a montage of photographs which show "what we do".

Normally it would be on the noticeboard in the Bennachie Visitor's Centre but as it is shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic the display has gone online. Viewers can zoom in on the different pictures illustrating the work that members of the Bailies do on the hill.

The outreach officer of the Bailies of Bennachie, Fiona Cormack explained:

"Volunteers Barry and Chris Forster put together a changing display on the Bailies noticeboard at the Bennachie Visitor's Centre throughout the season. This year as the Centre is closed the display is online so that people can still view the pictures that have been gathered together. This latest one illustrates different aspects of the Bailies work on Bennachie throughout the year."

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Bailies of Bennachie June 2020 Summer Noticeboard
June 2020 Noticeboard (select image to view larger image)