Silent Auction

Silent Auction
Bennachie Harvest

9 August - 4 September 2019

The Bailies of Bennachie are hosting a silent auction for a painting "Bennachie Harvest". Bidding will open 9 August 2019 to 3 September 2019.


The Bailies of Bennachie are hosting a silent auction. The family of the late David Wright, have donated a painting entitled Bennachie Harvest.

The painting including frame measures 104 cms by 74 cms. The money raised will be divided between,

  • The RAF Benevolent Fund
  • The Bailies of Bennachie
  • The Bennachie Centre Trust

The bids will be over £150

Please submit your bid by the 3rd of September to

The painting is displayed along with other aviation artwork for sale at the Bennachie Centre where there is a small exhibition of the air crashes on Bennachie.

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