Bennachie Quiz

May 2015

The Bailies held a quiz at the Discover Bennachie Day on Sat 25th April, the winner was Mr Scotsman who won a selection of books kindly donated by FCS, below are the questions and answers, how many did you know?

How well do you know Bennachie?

 1) Name the highest point on Bennachie?
 Oxen Craig  (528M)

 2) There is a waterfall on Bennachie   - true or false?
True – at the Fog house near Pittodrie House Hotel

  3) Can you name one of the granite quarries found on the hill?

Little Oxen Craig or English Quarry

 5) On the top of Bennachie there is peat over 4m deep true or false?
True come on our walk on 20th June to find out more!

 6) Bennachie means “Hill of Ben” True or false?

 7) What is the Bennachie Colony?

People who lived on the lower slopes of Bennachie mainly from 1800 – 1860

8) There ia a Pictish fort on top of Oxen Craig?  True or False

False there is a fort on Mither tap ( 400 – 800 AD)

9) Name 4 woodland birds you would expect to see on Bennachie

Examples include: Great tit, Coal tit, Blue tit, Blackbird, Tree creeper, wren, robin, Chaffinch, Willow warbler, Goldcrest, Common crossbill, Duunnock, Tree sparrow , Great Spotted woodpecker and lots more!

10) Name the Giant who may have lived on Bennachie!
 Jock O’ Bennachie

11) What is the Gouk stane?

This large stone was used as a boundary stone in the division of the Bennachie Commonty in 1858. Also the Bennachie Colonists believed that when a cuckoo first arrives in the summer it sings from this stone!

 12) How long is Bennachie?
 In a straight line from Mither tap to Black Hill it is approx 3 miles 


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