Colony Walk

May 2014

Saturday April 26 2014

With fine weather on Saturday there was a good gathering of folk for a Bailies of Bennachie archive walk to see the colony site where excavations took place last summer.
Led by Alison Kennedy from the Archive group and senior Bailie Jackie Cumberbirch the party enjoyed an afternoon’s fact-finding dander through the foothills of the mountain.

Last summer’s dig revealed much about the lives of the 60-odd colonists going back 200 years.

Kemnay mum Mary Malcolm brought along not-quite walking  Jasmine (9 months), surely a Bailie of Bennachie in the making.
Said Mary: “I first took her up Bennachie when she was six weeks old and she seemed to enjoy it. “All the fresh, clean air up there makes her- and me - sleep very soundly.”
Later this summer the Bailies hope to have a Bushcraft session led by Willow Lohr aimed at 14 to 16 year olds.
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