Bennachie Landscapes Project Event

October 2014

Sunday October 26 2014

ARCHAEOLOGISTS, history students and enthusiasts with the Bennachie Landscapes Project were busy in the Bailies of Bennachie room at the Bennachie centre, Chapel of Garioch near Inverurie over the weekend.
It was a cataloguing exercise with interesting pieces that have been excavated during summer digs at the colony sites at Shepherds Lodge and Hillside on the hill, some fragments quite large chunks, some smaller than a thumbnail.
Said Aberdeen university archaeology historian Jeff Oliver: “Even the tiniest pieces  are important.
“We are doing a basic decorative analysis comparing different pottery types this weekend.
“This gives us a picture of the colony dwellers economic status.
“For instance highly decorative pieces would probably have belonged to a well-off family while the plainer pieces would have come from pottery of a poor family.
“But of course not always – some decorative pieces might have been given as a gift to a poor family.”
The group was meticulously documenting Bennachie colony collection ceramic analysis worksheets and  ceramic recording keys.
The resulting data will be kept at Aberdeen university and some of it may be returned to the Bennachie centre where it will be on display.
This on-going project is carried out by the Bailies of Bennachie in partnership with Aberdeen university.

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