Join Natural Bennachie and Choose Your Side in the Jock-on-Jock Battle

July 2013

Taking inspiration from the folklore tale of The Rival Giants, Natural Bennachie welcomes you on a walking event between Tap O’Noth in Rhynie and Mither Tap on Bennachie. Based on the fabled story of Jock O’Bennachie and Jock O’Noth, this unique event offers you the opportunity to explore Bennachie and the surrounding landscape through a participatory activity like no other. Walking the length of the Giant’s Throw, participants will uncover the richness of Bennachie’s fabled tale, and perhaps even reveal the little bit of Jock in all of us. 

The Giant’s Throw on Sunday 11 August will be an all-day event and runs in conjunction with the Room to Roam Festival in Huntly (Thursday 9- Sunday 11 August). Starting from either Tap O’Noth or Mither Tap, each group will walk towards their opponent, meeting approximately half way at Suie Hill for a participatory re-enactment. Whilst the original giant’s throw involved Jock O’Noth and Jock O’Bennachie hurling great masses of rock across the lengthy valley, our Giant’s Throw event will encourage participants to use more manageable, much safer and softer weaponry. As no giants were harmed in the fabled throw, except for perhaps Jock O’Noth’s pride whose retaliation was thwarted by Jock O’Bennachie’s swift rock return, we hope all participants will come prepared and have a safe and enjoyable day. Keep your eyes peeled along the route for any remnants of the mythical giants – it is said that both Jock O’Bennachie’s handprint and Jock O’Noth’s footprint can be seen embedded in the surface of a boulder close by. Participants will be offered the opportunity to walk from either Tap to Suie Hill, or walk the entire distance between Tap O’Noth and Mither Tap. 

All participants must pre-book as spaces are limited. Please bring refreshments and a packed lunch. Participants walking the entire distance between Tap O’Noth and Mither Tap do so at their own risk. A mini bus will be available to collect walkers from Suie Hill and return them to their starting point.

Walkers will be asked to choose a Tap starting point: will you join team O’Noth or team O’Bennachie?

To book or for further information please contact SSW on 01464 861372 or email

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