End of Big Dig

July 2013

The 2 week dig on Bennachie is now over...we have learnt a lot over the last 2 weeks about how to undertake a dig and more about the two families (Littlejohn and Macdonald) and how they constructed their homes (Hillside and Shepherd's Lodge). We hope that more people will become interested in the project as we get involved we find that we need more detectives!

At Hillside we found a cobbled floor and a big hearth...a tea pot with a shoe was unearthed in the chimney area and this was a way of bringing luck to the house. There was also a lot of pottery that was unearthed in this house perhaps the residents left in a rush?

At Shepherds lodge we did find some signs that the house had been burnt and the floor to his house is very uneven and compacted. We found several clay marbles and lots of metal work. At the end of the dig we had a small cream tea party at the Bennachie Centre , certainly Leaf and Jeff (from Aberdeen University) got stuck into food!

Over the next few months we will need help to analysis the finds so please get in touch if you would like to help in any way!

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