A Little Snow Humour!

March 2013

Below is a Path Report from one of our Hardy Hill wardens!

Bailies of Bennachie - Hill Watcher’s Report No: Below Zero

Date area surveyed: 19/03/13 Surveyed by: Mr A Yeti

General description of paths walked:

Rowan Tree Glacier, Across Stay Know Tundra, Mither Tap Alps to Craigshannoch Ice Fields.

Look out for

Car numbers in carpark: No Cars, 6 Snowmobiles

Numbers of people met: 8 Eskimos & 1 Yeti

Wildlife (where and how many): 4 Penguins, 1 Albatross (Walking)

Track conditions: What Tracks??

Litter and dog fouling: Too Windy For Litter, The Dogs Were Using Pretty Foul Language for being taken out in such Weather.

Evidence of mountain bikes: Yes, I Buried 4 In a 6ft Snowdrift

Condition of signposts: All blown over (with a little help from me!!)

Grid Ref Description Report

GPS doesn't work at the North Pole

8 Huskies Pulling an Eskimo in a Sled. Must get something done about these unauthorised vehicles on the hill

All the Grouse were leaving, mumbling something about being too cold and were heading for Ptarmigan country.


Our Track needs clearing of snow so that we can get to our car 600yds from our house. PS please don’t leave it till the next work party.

Someone has been converting the Grouse butts into Igloos, will they need planning permission? If they do, better make it quick in case a thaw sets in. We live in hope!

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