Become a Mammal Detective

March 2013

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Press Release

On Saturday 30 March from 11.00 am - 3.00pm at the Bennachie Centre,
near Chapel of Garioch all ages are encouraged to visit the centre and
learn how to put mammals on the map! Throughout the day there will be
free walks, talks and information.
The Bailies of Bennachie have teamed up with local mammal experts to show all ages above 5 years old what to look out for and learn more about squirrels, badgers, deer and other animals in the area. There will be guided walks looking for squirrels, badgers and deer. Participants will be shown how to submit their records and help build up a picture of the distribution of mammals in Aberdeenshire. There will also be talks about the North East Scotland Mammal Atlas, the work of the North East Scotland Biological Records Centre and the Local Biodiversity Action Plan. Grampian Police will be explaining about wildlife crime and will also bring their interactive mobile display.
Jill Matthews, a Bailie of Bennachie, said 'We've never had a Mammal Atlas for the North East Scotland before so this is a wonderful chance for everyone to learn how get involved. Atlases are important because they show where different animals occur in the region. A couple of years ago the second NE Bird Atlas was published some twenty years after the first one - comparisons between then and now revealed how much the distribution of some birds had changed for all sorts of reasons. It would be good to be able to do this for mammals too. For example, we know pine martens are becoming more common in Aberdeenshire but we do not know how widespread they are".
The Mammal Atlas project is being run by the North East Scotland Biological Recording Centre who will be giving talks and answering questions.
In addition to the Mammal events, The Bailies of Bennachie will be selling copies of their new Guide to Bennachie.
In 2013 the Bailies of Bennachie are 40 years (formed in 1973) and this mammal event is a good way to start the 40th anniversary celebrations!
For more information about this event and upcoming Bailies events please look at the
Bailies of Bennachie web site or telephone 07799 658 209

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