Bikes and Off Road Vehicles on Bennachie

January 2013

We have been getting a few comments on our Forum page about the use of bikes and off road vehicles using the tracks on Bennachie.
Guidance on responsible off road biking has been under development through the Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBS) project - overseen by the Scottish Mountain Biking Development Consortium. This process included consultation on a draft through the National Access Forum.
The finalised guidance is now available via as a downloadable PDF, accompanied by a computer game that is apparently proving popular. There are plans to produce a leaflet summarising this guidance for distribution via bike shops, outdoor centres, MTB trail centres and similar outlets in 2013. The DMBS project also includes plans to develop and promote good practice guidance for commercial operators during 2013 and will involve NAF members in this work at the appropriate time. It would be good if all bikers rode to this standard.
RE: Off Road Vehicles--Message from Forestry Commission Scotland:
No type of motor vehicle can legally drive off road on forest tracks without the permission of the landowner. If you see any illegal motor vehicles being driven in the forest call Grampian police on 0845 6005 700.


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