Guided Walk 10th July 2012

July 2012

10 people attended the above walk to Mither Tap from the Rowan Tree, following an introduction from both Alison and Jackie along with a Health & Safety brief Alison headed off with the group towards Mither Tap, the weather was dull, overcast with light rain, there had been a lot of rain prior to the walk so the underfoot conditions were very muddy and slippery particularly at the beginning.. Alison explained about the Maiden Causeway and the Maiden Stone then headed towards Hosies Well where Alison told the story of “Hosie”, a decision was to be made here whether the group returned to the Rowan Tree or to continue on to the Mither Tap as the weather was deterioating, the group wanted to continue to the Summit, Alison explained about the Fort and special care had to taken here as the stones were slippery, the rain was quite heavy at this point but there was no wind. The group headed back to the Rowan Tree arriving at the car park around 8.40pm. Several attendees took away membership forms and the August walk was promoted.

A gentleman on the walk will be in contact with Alison to arrange a date to do a talk to the Alford History Group.

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