Bailies are 40 Years Old in 2013

December 2012

In 2013 the Bailies will be 40 years old! During the past 40 years we have been involved with many different activities and projects.
On the hill - footpath maintenance and creation, footpath surveillance, recording of plants/birds/butterflies/moths/animals/marker stones, removing seedlings of exotic conifers above the tree line, photography, litter removal, erection of hill indicators and archaeology...
Off the hill - committee work in relation to the hill, helping at the Bennachie Centre, collecting information about the hill, voice recording of people with memories of the hill, running events such as Doric Night, Annual Rally/picnic, archival research, production of Bennachie books, web site...
We aim to run 40 events next year and if there is any particular events you wish us to run in 2013 please let us know. We are already planning the Doric evening on 10th May which coincidental is the close to our founding date which was 9th May 1973!

At the end of 2012 we applied for two separate grants and by the end of January 2013, we will know if we have been successful.

Grant one - Creative Scotland
Next year is the Year of Natural Scotland and if successful we will collaborate with the Scottish Sculpture Workshop and other partners to take up the exploration of What is Natural Bennachie? If successful three artists will be selected and will focus on the physical, social and scientific, echoing John Muirs' concepts of the natural world and his considerations of ecology, politics and spirit.

Grant two - led by Aberdeen University and involves Bennachie Landscapes Project members. This grant will continue and develop the work undertaken already by the Bennachie Landscape Project.
We will let you know if we are successful.

The Bailies of Bennachie wish everyone all the best for 2013 and remember if you are up on the hill let us know what you see!

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