Bennachie Landscapes Project Launched

August 2011

Hello! The 'Bennachie Landscapes' project is now up and running. For more info on this project go to the Bennachie Landscapes page of this website. Partners include (besides the Bailies of Bennachie, of course!): the University of Aberdeen Anthropology, Archaeology and History departments, Forestry Commission Scotland and Penny Dransart and Jonathan Trigg of the Fetternear Research Project and the Scottish Episcopal Palaces Project (Universities of Wales, Trinity St. David and Liverpool/Glasgow). This is, obviously, a dynamic combination and great things are expected. We hope this partnership will develop into a still more wide-ranging mix - especially so as to include the arts and crafts communities. The major thrust, however, is to push the communites surrounding Bennachie to the forefront. The study aims to be multi-disciplinary in the most shocking terms and to combine heritage, culture, arts and crafts in a way that encompasses the remotest past with contemporary issues New pages have been added to the website to keep members apprised of the whys and wherefores of the progress of the project. We aim to try to provide a niche to satisfy the curiosity of all Bailie members and, indeed, all members of the communities of the Garioch. Some projects are underway and some are immanent. Please contact me at if you wish further information or (hopefully) want to get actively involved. Just let me know what your interests are and I'm sure it will be catered for somewhere in the project!The discovery of the cultural heritage of the area should be fun and enthralling. If 'Bennachie Landscapes' is not that, it will have failed. Please get involved, have fun and make it a success and let's set an example for other communities.

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