In Memory of Gordon Ingram

June 2011

Gordon Ingram was born at Woodlands between Kemnay and Kintore. He attended Kemnay School where Headmaster Minto Robertson had started cubs and scouts in which he became actively involved for the rest of his life. He left school in 1938 and got a job with Northern Insurance. During the war he served in the Middle East. On his return he resumed his insurance work and his scouting at Kemnay, becoming Scoutmaster. His wife Cath was equally dedicated to the Girl Guides. They had no family of their own but instead a very large family of scouts and guides. He became Commissioner in the scouts and retained his interest in scouts and scouting all his life. As a long serving member of the Council of the Bailies he (along with Geoff Gill) organised the putting up of the tents and marquees on the morning of the Bailies Rally. His life in the Insurance Industry (latterly with Commercial Union) equipped him well for taking on the responsibility of looking after the finances of many organisations in a voluntary capacity including the Bailies of Bennachie having served as treasurer from 1981 - 2000. He had a lifelong interest in and love for Bennachie and in the earlier days of the Bailies when the paths were in very poor state he regularly turned out to do his bit on path improvement. When, in the absence of a Bennachie guide book, I had the audacity to write one, Gordon and his wife Cath and sometimes John Ogston, walked all my suggested routes and checked them for timing and wayfinding.
Gordon was a grand chap in so many ways – utterly dependable, meticulous in all he did, a man of high principles and Christian values – I wish there were more people like him around today !
James Mackay

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