Bailies of Bennachie Events

November 2011


Alison Sutherland has taken up a new role to promote the Bailies of Bennachie. Alison is local to the area and with her good knowledge and a keen interest on Bennachie, she will be organising a series of activities next year. She will be working with Colin Shepherd who is involved with the Bennachie Landscapes Project. Together they will be raising awareness about the role of the Bailies and their involvement with ongoing projects on the hill along with looking for any information past and present that people may have regarding Bennachie, whether it be in the form of stories or pictures.
Alison will also be available to give talks and presentations to local groups such as the Scottish Women's Rural Institute, Women's Guild, and any other group that would be keen to learn more about Bennachie and the Bailies. Alison can be contacted at or see what events are planned at www.bailiesofbennachie/events 

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