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The Bailies of Bennachie have produced a number of publications that are available for purchase. Please click here to download and fill out the form then return it to the address supplied.




Bailies of Bennachie Calendar 2019







Guide to Bennachie

A Guide to walks on Bennachie, where to park, history of the hill, plants and animals and other features on the hill, also includes a seperate map of Bennachie.





                                         Bennachie Landscapes

Series 1:  The Bennachie Colony Project, Examining the lives and impact of the Bennachie Colonists.

Researching the history and daily life of the Bennachie Colony, its inhabitants and surrounding districts through historical sources, local knowledge and memories.

 “This delightful book is the first publication in a new series. This study paves the way for further research, particularly for further documentary assessment research but also more field survey. It is a model of its kind.” Excerpt from a review in Landscape History, 2012, Volume 33, 116-7




Series 2:  Bennachie and the Garioch, Society and the Ecology in the History of North-East Scotland.

Reporting on work carried out since Series 1. Includes research of archives, archaeology and fieldwork considering the wider ecologies and landscapes of Bennachie. Produced by members of the Bennachie Landscapes Project, local schools and Aberdeen University.

 “This superb and beautifully illustrated little book is the second in the Bennachie Landscape series which describes work undertaken by the Community of the North-east in 2012. The project is particularly valuable because it shows how local communities can profitably explore their own region and through this study become more aware of its ecological and social history.” Excerpt from a review in Landscape History, 2014, Volume 35, 114


 Series 3:  Bennachie and the Garioch, Society and the Ecology in the History of North-East Scotland. 

Issue 3 considers the geology, flora and upland uses of peat and stone on and around Bennachie.  It includes excavation reports on the Colony houses and Druminnor Castle along with consideration of the material cultures discovered at those sites.

"This well-illustrated book is the third in a series reporting upon the work of a community project supported by the University of Aberdeen. Once again, it reveals the skills developed by the local community, including members and students of Keig School, and covers geology, flora and fauna,aerial photographs, historic documents and maps, and excavation This admirable work will continue and will show the value of such a project involving a local community to investigate the landscape history of a small area of North-East Scotland". Exerpt from a review in Landscape History, 2016, Vol 37, Issue 1


This FREE leaflet includes a map of the Colony Trail and a short intro to the Colonists,

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