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December 2020

Looking for inspiration to take the children outside during the short days of the Christmas holidays? Or fun activities to do on rainy days?

Look no further than Jock o' Bennachie’s winter online resources which have just been launched on The latest online resources from the Bailies of Bennachie are packed full of ideas and information about what happens to the natural world during winter. Pulling together original work and the best material available on the web it is a one stop shop for hours of fun and learning.

Like the popular summer and autumn programmes the winter package uses Bennachie’s friendly giant Jock to guide primary age children and their families though winter on the hillside. The online resources contain a new story “How Jock’s Friends Saved the Sun”, fun facts and videos about animals in winter such as owls, foxes, winter hares. There are also loads of ideas for winter activities from building frozen sun catchers, identifying animals from their tracks and droppings, to art work, games and puzzles to do inside. The winter programme also has important advice from the Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team about staying safe on Bennachie over winter.

The Bailies learning officer, Margaret Garden said,

"There has been a fantastic response to our online learning programme from children, parents and teachers. This has been a difficult year for many families and it looks as if the Christmas period will continue to be challenging. Many people have found a new appreciation and interest in the natural world. We hope people will be able to use these resources over the holidays and they will be an inspiration to wrap up warm and head outside to safely explore and understand more about Bennachie in the process."

"Alongside the summer and autumn packages there are now over 200 resources available for children to explore on the web site."

The resources are aimed at families of primary age children but can be enjoyed by any age.

Visit Jock's Winter Programme

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Bennachie Winter Scene
Bennachie Winter Scene
Tawny Owl
Tawny Owl Credit Mark Johnson
Mountain Hare
Mountain Hare (credit Ron MacConald)