Elsewhere to Be

October 2021

This project was funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council in 2018 “Enacting the Past: stories from the Colony to the Tatra Project”

It was a yearlong programme of creative writing, song making and drama workshops. Drawing on the rich history of the Colony, this project brought new perspectives to the history and archaeology of Bennachie whilst enabling the Bailies to introduce the hill and their work to new audiences…this also funded the Colony play!

The stories in this book are inspired by the lives and experiences of landless families displaced by the effects of agricultural expansion in the early to mid-nineteenth century. Together they reflect on experiences of displacement, loss and recovery, of living on the margins and striving for better things, using the personal experience and imagination of present-day writers to explore the lives of those who made Bennachie their home during this period

You can download your free copy of Elsewhere to Be (PDF) now.

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