A Breath O' Bennachie: Flora and Fauna on Bennachie

June 2020

During the COVID-19 lockdown many people have been finding inspiration in the natural world and discovering a new appreciation for nature. The latest video from conservation charity, the Bailies of Bennachie, explores the rich plant, insect, bird and animal life on the hillside. ‘Flora and Fauna’ illustrates the many flowers, mammals and birds that live on Bennachie. From flowering orchids to a red admiral butterfly to shy badgers the video captures moments from the natural world.

The Bailies of Bennachie outreach officer, Fiona Cormack commented:

"The natural world is all around us but often we are too busy to stop and take the time to notice it. The wonderful collection of photos in this video shows the diversity of life on the hill. We hope that it will inspire people to spot this flora and fauna for themselves when they are able to go on the hill again."

The Breath O’ Bennachie project aims to bring views and memories of the hill to people staying at home during the current COVID-19 crisis. This is the eighth video in the series and like the others is available on the Bailies of Bennachie web site

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