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James Mackay's floral survey of the hill undertaken in the 1980s has now been digitised and is available for perusal in the Bailies' Room at the Bennachie Centre. Work has now begun on a new survey aimed, in part, at discovering how the known floral component of Bennachie has fared during the last thirty years

Digitised plots of James Mackay’s flora survey

One of the most important areas of enquiry we are following about the people living on the Colony is what sort of farming they were undertaking.

  •  What type of plants were they growing?
  •  Did they have ‘kitchen gardens’ as well as farm crops?
  •  Did they farm just to provide food for their own family, or did they produce surplus to sell?
  •  Were any medicinal plants and herbs grown by the colonists?

Led by Chris Foster, botanical surveys of Bennachie will be undertaken over Bennachie hill. The focus for these surveys will be the identification of any introduced species that could have been brought by the colonists. As well as the types of plants, their spread will also be mapped in order to identify how far the influence of the settlement spread over Bennachie. All findings will of course be made with the natural spread of plants in mind.

If you are interested and would like to get involved e-mail bailiesofbennachie@mail.com