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Only seems like yesterday when we were preparing for the summer dig at Hillside and Shepherd's Lodge and hoping for good weather, wondering who would turn up and whether we would all get along. Well, we certainly got good weather, almost too hot for midges, (almost!) and everyone got along just fine, in fact the youngsters (students) and us more mature (students) soon lost any inhibitions we might have had about "age gaps" (apart from one comment about who was the youngest, I mention no names Megan!) and conversed quite freely on such matters as computer games and healthy eating etc. As far as the archaeology was concerned, it was an education for both beginners and experienced alike. For my part, having many years of experience of excavating in Essex on Iron Age sites and very little survey work until I came to Scotland, the experience was an education, there is more to this archaeology than meets the eye!
Going by the number of visitors, the sites chosen created much interest, being pretty close to many peoples lives and memories, they may not have been the "Good Old Days" but at least in many peoples minds they were memorable.

So thanks to the Bailies for the foresight to get the Landscape Project on the road and thanks to the team from Aberdeen University for taking the project forward.

So what next? 2014, a new dig, how about something a bit earlier to get our teeth into, Mither Tap maybe. Anyone up for a 9.00am trek to start the day for a fortnight next summer??

July 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBarry Foster