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On Thursday 4 July a group of four of us from the Bennachie Landscapes Project went to Edinburgh for the AHRC ‘Connected Communities’ Showcase. Connected Communities is the programme funding the current round of work at Bennachie. Myself, Colin Shepherd, Neil Curtis and Alison Kennedy took a display stand with banners and posters – designed by Colin – and Neil brought the Cabinet of Curiosities with archaeological finds from Keig school. We showed our work to the AHRC, other universities, and others including SVCO and RCAHMS. Colin also did a great job in presenting the Bennachie Landscapes Project in a plenary session to the whole event. We also had two groups from the ‘All Our Stories’ side of the University’s work. The Mill Girl Poets from Paisley performed their work that drew on oral history, and the Riverside Music Project from Stirling played a set of tunes they have researched from their local area. The feedback about our work was really outstanding – there’s no doubt we made a good impression. Another bonus is that we get to keep the exhibition equipment!

July 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJo Vergunst