Whole School Archaeology Project at Keig School

The archaeology project at Keig School has enriched the education of all the pupils far beyond learning the craft of archaeology, the local history and changes to the landscape.  Pupils under the guidance of archaeologist Colin Shepherd have used primary sources to research information, have located places on maps, have participated in archaeological digs and followed the process from surveying the site, to cataloguing and displaying their finds.  The skills they have used span the whole curriculum and have given them a real life interesting experience to develop their literacy and mathematical learning.  All our pupils are very proud that they are unearthing the past of Keig and the new discoveries they have made about the local area.

However, they have also learned to be open minded and creative. They have developed their natural curiosity by asking questions and leading their own learning.  The impact of the project goes beyond the obvious formal learning as pupils have developed their skills in communication, cooperation and team work and of course have been able to experience the outdoor, local environment. It has also helped them to take responsibility for their learning and the site area.

We see this project not as a one off event but as a sustainable and long lasting enhancement to the education of the pupils at Keig School which in turn they share with their families and the local community.

Our latest focus has been an introduction of an Archaeological Responsibility group where the pupils lead the learning for the school.  At the moment they are trying to fund and establish a community museum based at Keig School to display their archaeological finds.

Our pupil’s next idea is to produce a historical, cartoon based on the exploits of the people of Keig as recorded in the Barony of Keig.