Keig 2013


Keig Primary School Community Landscape Project

An early 19th c. mill site has been discovered along with an intact section of an 18th century road linking Druminnor Castle (By Rhynie) with the Boat of Forbes on the Don. Excavation by the school and the Bennachie Landscapes Fieldwork Group has revealed a well-made and drained carriageway leading to a ford crossing the Burn of Keig as well as a lade feeding the mill. Medieval pottery from the mill site attests an earlier history that is still, at the moment, hidden. Future work will hopefully clarify this picture.

Whilst carrying out fieldwork in the area of the mill pupils from Keig also discovered a 'midden' containing a mass of ceramics from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These are described and illustrated in the most recent Bennachie Landscapes Series publication and reproduced below. (Copies of the 128 page colour book detailing last year's research on and around Bennachie can be bought from the Bailies of Bennachie for £8+p&p).

pottery found, processed and catalogued by Keig primary school
        (these pages can be downloaded as a pdf file here)