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14th March 2017 

A small group of volunteers met at Shepherds Lodge to survey the Kailyard.  Once a botanical survey had been carried out, a general survey of the area was made.  The kailyard is covered in a mix of vegetation including broom, young tree seedlings, foxgloves, ferns and grass.  Quite a large area to clear, prepare and maintain so to start with we felt it would be better to just prepare a plot large enough to grow the fruit bushes we had chosen and only extend it when/if we decide to grow more.  An area of approximately 25 square metres at the south-west side of the kailyard was measured out.  We can now map out the area and start planning the planting - although a lot of work is needed to be done before any planting!!

During the afternoon a small cross-section was dug across the kailyard where a footpath is shown on the 1867 1st edn. OS 25-inch map.  A hard 'floor' was found closer to the house than shown on the map which could be the path we are looking for.  Nothing conclusive, so need to do a bit more investigating by way of a couple of cross-section trenches.  



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